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A start-up environment is uncertain and volatile. And more often than not, entrepreneurs are under immense pressure to deliver results quickly. Add these to the all-time high pressure to perform, it might just be the best option for you to outsource the tasks that are consuming your precious resources and leave the rest to us.

Achieve more with less and succeed in your passion.


Smart decisions on the go

How does sending an invoice right after your meeting sound? Or, how about reconciling your bank transactions while on the way back to the office? Ascend’s real-time reporting empowers you to make quicker solutions on the go. Equipped with the industry know-how, our team of experienced advisers can assist in providing sound advice to help drive your business further.


Get updated in real-time

Access to your dashboard at your fingertips while you are on the move! With a real-time update, you can get a view of your latest financial reports and transactions immediately through different applications.

Take Your Business Further

While you build your business, CSB helps take care of your corporate secretarial & bookkeeping needs. Focus on what really matters and take your business further.

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